Goals? What about them?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

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Everyone has something that they want to work towards, wether it be getting an A on your next test, not leaving dishes in the sink over night.... Maybe its a fitness milestone you want to reach.

Coach Cindy Lou

My daily goal is to feel good about my body and the process that I'm in. My goal has always been to be leaner and stronger, and to be able to move my body easily, with no limits. I track my food, sometimes loosely and sometimes strictly. I'm in my last phase of reaching my destination! Then I will maintain what I created and continue to always live my best life ! Life is for living!

Coach James

I'm working to gain as much muscle as possible with minimal fat until the end of October by eating at a 500 calorie surplus and hitting my protein goals. Then I'll cut down to 10% BF by being in a 500 calorie deficit. I don’t really care how much I eat in a bulk, but as I cut down I will track my macros daily.

Coach Jordan

I'm training for the Fraser Valley Throwdown this November while preparing for the Australian CrossFit Championship qualifiers that I'll be doing around the same time as my November Competition. I'm focusing on all things recovery currently so that I'm able to train at a high intensity/volume the next day. I'm focusing on nutrition and eating quality foods that will fit my macros so that I have the appropriate nutrients to recover, as well as maintain a higher calorie consumption for the next 1-2 months. I'm a big believer in getting my foods from quality sources, even after a workout (eating a banana vs cookies :P). I believe gut health and eating low inflammatory foods are important, along with getting a good 6-8 hours of sleep every night so my body feels at its best for training. I'm all about the routine of getting up super early to train fresh as my mental capacity may not be 100% in the afternoon or after a day of work/fun.

Coach Ishana

I'm planning to compete in my first powerlifting competition in October. Daily goals have been to consume enough calories throughout the day to support the increased training volume and building of muscles. While this is still the goal, there is the the added challenge of rehabilitating my recent concussion. My nutritional intake requirement has remained the same, but is now more challenging due to lower energy levels, increased sleep, and occasional unpredictable responses to various stimuli. The primary focus is concussion rehabilitation, so I can get back to training, so my current daily practices include exercises for the proprioceptive/vestibular system, visual input, and gentle aerobic activity to brain tolerance. ...And sleeping like a sloth.

Coach Kam

All of my effort is concentrated into making my workouts a present experience and a reprieve from my daily stress. I work on making the workouts a gift to myself, rather than work. This, along with other self-care routines help me to see a better future by having a more joyful “now”.

Coach Jules

My goal is to kill at provincials! To do that, I am prioritizing my performance and recovery by eating well (at a maintenance caloric intake), refraining from drinking - especially now that I'm 5 weeks out from my meet - getting 7+ hours of sleep, and sticking to my workout program, focused on my goal.  My goal at provincials is to lift 2x my bodyweight on my squat, 1x my bodyweight on my bench press, and 2.5x my bodyweight on my deadlift - and along with that, perhaps I'll even qualify for regionals next year!

Coach Dee 

Since April, I've been training 5days/week trying to put on size, and cutting calories bit by bit to look lean and muscular for my second bikini competition coming up in October. I've lost 20lbs so far, and I've got about 5-8 more to go. At this point, my energy levels are uncomfortably low, my hunger levels are uncomfortably high, and my body (and brain :P) are functioning sub-optimally. My diet is not sustainable, especially with the amount of cardio and lifting I'm doing, so I makes a point to prioritize sleep and water intake, and I also do nightly journalling to make sure I'm in a grounded and focused headspace through this process. The techniques I use to get "stage lean" are pretty aggressive, and so are the 2 coats of spray tan, and I would not recommend them to this degree for anyone looking for long-term sustainable weight loss. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Weirdly, I love it :D

Coach Monica

Growing up as a high level athlete competing in multiple different sports, I always had such a passion for how fitness and training made me feel. As I became older, I had to deal with overcoming different kinds of illnesses leading me to leave sports behind and focus on being "healthy" first. I suffered from so many injuries and always played through them so my main focus was to get back to the foundations and allow my body to be functional and move the way it should be moving. Even though I don't competitively play sports anymore, my goal and passion now through coaching and teaching is to ensure both adults and kids have the most enjoyable experience through physical fitness and apply it to everyday life. My famous quote I love to use is "with pain comes strength". Everyday is a new and better opportunity to be better than before. Stay swole StrongSiders.

Coach Rebecca

Over the last 2 years I've had multiple injuries that have taken me away from running. One of my greatest passions in life is to run, and having to hang up my running shoes was my worst nightmare. My goal is to get back to competing at a high level on the track, road, and cross country. To do this, I had to change my mindset. Instead of fearing the reality of these injuries, I used them as an opportunity to make myself stronger. I prioritize the little things - waking up a little earlier every morning to foam roll, stretch, and do my activation exercises to prepare my body for the day. I focus on the present - every day is an opportunity to get closer to my goal. I make sure I fuel my body with a healthy and nutritious diet. I put quality training in and cross train more often. I aim to get to sleep before midnight, because sleep is the most important time to recover!

Coach Jess

Balance is key for me! I'm a full-time student, full-time dog mom and I work 2 jobs! My goal is to be a well-rounded functional athlete. Working not just with heavy weights, but with mobility and calisthenics.  I'm stepping away from heavy weights for a while and working a bit more on calisthenics, utilizing my body weight as much as possible. Not only do I do daily stretches and foam rolling help to loosen up tight and sore muscles, but I'm also working with a coach outside of StrongSide to help with my calisthenics goals. I do my best to get 6-7 hours of sleep at night so I'm able to perform at my best at school, in my daily life, and for my clients. 

Coach TJ

I have remarkably poor sleep quality. I don't sleep well, nor do I get enough of it. My goal is to improve my sleep quality so that I can handle the workload that my life requires and coach at a high level.

My goal is to practice a pre bed routine that includes proper food choices and supplements to help me, turning off screens and making sure I get time to read and wind down properly, keeping a consistent sleep schedule, bed at the same time and awake at the same time every day. 

Your coaches are happy to answer questions about their own training if you wanna hear more, but they're even happier to answer questions about YOUR TRAINING! Keep us in the loop on where you're at and what you're striving for, because we're on your SIDE.


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